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Speech by MARA Patani Chairman at the Press Conference in Kuala Lumpur on August 27 2015

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Assalamualaikum, Peace be upon you.

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah.


Considering the decision made by the MARA Patani Conference (5/6/2015)to proclaim the MAJLIS SYURA PATANI ( Patani Consultative Council) to all people of Patani, to the Thai government and the international communities , I hereby, announce :

MAJLIS SYURA PATANI ( MARA Patani)- Patani Consultative Council was formed on March 15 2015 by groups(six) of Patani freedom movements as an umbrella organisation, open to all groups, that functions as the highest council for political movements for the struggle of Patani people.

MAJLIS SYURA PATANI was formed to project a unified opinion and actions of Patani people under a single organisation and leadership that is conducive in facing the Thai government , especially in the peace dialogue process for a JUST, COMPREHENSIVE and SUSTAINABLE solution for the conflict, based on the spirit of the General Consensus signed on February 28 2013, with Malaysia as the ficilitator.

MAJLIS SYURA PATANI consists of BARISAN KEPIMPINAN (The Steering Committee) ,PASUKAN PERUNDING (The dialogue team) , JAWATANKUASA PEMIKIR (The Think Tank) plus other committees and working groups. This is in line with the understanding made between the Thai Prime Minister ,Gen. Prayut Chan-O-Cha and the Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur on December 1 2014, where both wanted all stakeholders related to the Patani conflict are involved.

Conforming with the principle and significance of Patani people's struggle, I as the Chairman of BARISAN KEPIMPINAN- The Steering Committee, would like to invite other groups, CSOs, NGOs, professionals, Patani politicians, media representatives, the Siamese ethnic of Patani, to join us and work together finding solutions to end the conflict in OUR Patani.

Our principle is to resolve  the conflict through peace dialogue and negotiation. Positive outcomes from the process could end the discrimination and sufferings of the Patani Malay people and a strong basis for the security and sovereignty of Thailand.

The three dimensions of the process to be adopted by MAJLIS SYURA PATANI are :

            1. To encourage unity and strengthen the MAJLIS SYURA PATANI in driving the peace  dialogue process with great effectiveness and vitality to achieve the objectives of conflict resolution in Patani.

            2. To build confidence on parties of different opinions for conflict resolution, both sides  must discuss to reach an agreement on safety zones for a comprehensive development  in various fields,  to be undertaken by the people of Patani themselves. In this way the peace dialogue can be upgraded to conflict resolution.

            3. The conflict resolution must be based on THE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION of Patani people. The vital issues to be discussed are

                        i) Policy, structure and scope of administration that is suitable for Patani people to self-determine their own future.

                        ii) The natural resources and local taxes must be evenly distributed for the development and prosperity of Patani people.

                        iii) The Malay identity ie. the language and Jawi scripture be adopted as official  local language, the Islamic-based education system, the right  to exercise Islamic Laws and regulations and the rights of the non-Muslims are guaranteed by law in a harmonious livelihood for people of  multiracial and multi-religion in Patani.

                        iv) The policy on people safety and security of Patani must be under the purview of the local administration.


Therefore , I emphasize  that the formation of MAJLIS SYURA PATANI stemmed  from the awareness  for a united front of Patani people against a colonial system that are being forced upon the livelihood of the Patani Malay people.           

We, in the BARISAN KEPIMPINAN (the Steering Committee), and all its members are aware of our limitations to push  the issues forward, but feeling responsible and honest to Islam and our people, we do this for ALLAH.

We will wait and welcome other stakeholders of Patani to join and work together with us, to share and shoulder the responsibilities , through proper channel in line with the MAJLIS SYURA PATANI's regulations and principles.

The Patani Malays are peace loving people who believe peace in Patani will not materialize if the people are not free to self-determine their own future. The conflict will continue with more victims of violence ,loss of lives and properties  until the right to self-determination is guaranteed.

The Thai government's decision, under the leadership of Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Cha-O-Cha, to resume the peace process is important and justified. It is vital to recognise MAJLIS SYURA PATANI ( MARA Patani) as the representative of people with different opinions to the Thai government .

The peace dialogue process must be accepted and endorsed as a National Agenda to ensure the continuity in the event of a change of Thai governments in future and to avoid undesirable effects and issues on the people of Patani.

The immunity for MARA Patani dialogue team must be guaranteed. This will reflect the Thai government's commitment as a positive driving force to push the peace dialogue process  forward and to gain people's confidence. It will also enable the members in the dialogue team to move and travel freely without restriction.

May all the stakeholders(Patani people) associated with the Patani Malay people's struggle be informed of the existence of MARA Patani.


Thank you







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Abu Hafez Al-Hakim - outside the fence of Patani

9 September 2015/ 25 Zulqaedah 1436 H