The Governor of Yala Province gave the idea of “Hukum Pakat” the join regulation of the people in Betong to protect the homeland

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Sat, 2010-01-16 19:04 -- aman

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Mr. Krissada Bunraat, the Governor of Yala province rushed to giving the platform and performance way to Betong state mechanisms. Repeated the idea of ‘Hukum Pakat” .

The people in society use the joint regulation to protect themselves from drugs and underground movement.

He raised the 3 main platforms to the people. Create justice, develop the quality of life and resolve the drug problems. And he believe that Betong district will be grow up more after the Prime Minister Aphisit Vejjajiva undertakes to build the bridge cross the Banglang Dam. Shorten the distance of road 410. The Ministry also approved the budget of the year 2010 to build Betong airport.

The newsman reported that Mr. Krissada Bunraat,  the governor of Yala province together with the group going to Betong district office, Betong district, Yala province today in order to give the platform and the performance way to the government official, local administrator, head of sub-district, the villagers leader and etc. after assuming the position around 1 month. The people together with Mr. Donladet Pattanarat, Betong district chief officer and local administrators went to welcome him warmly.

Mr. Krissada Bunraat said that he was at the position more than 1 month. He asked the people what they needed from the government. He asked the needs of the people in order to be the way of his planning and to draft the platforms and give it to the state mechanisms and related organization for using it. The 3 importance works for him are as follows:

Create justice for people in Yala because there is rumors among the people that it’s because of injustice in southernmost, it becomes an unrest and killing, school set on fire and etc.. So, He would like to bring justice to the people.

Develop the life style of people. When we compare the children from the southernmost with the children from the other provinces, when they did an education competition, the children from the southernmost are at the number 74-75. It’s quite low. We have to give the stability to the children in the southernmost because nowadays when the authorities interrogate the children aged 13-15 years-old, the authorities learnt that all of the children have low education. Currently, there are lots of orphan that parents were killed from situation including those disabled persons.

Resolve the drugs problem because there are many kinds of drugs such as Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom leaf), marijuana (ganja) and etc.

“On the other day, I had a training course regarding the volunteer defenders in 379 villages. I asked them that how many people who had never tried to take mitragyna speciosa(Kratom leaf) and 4x100. I learnt that less than 20 villages that never involve with it. It's quite dangerous. We have to get rid of it.” The governor of Yala province said.

He also said that there was some group of teenagers took out the electricity knot until the electricity shut down throughout Yala province. Police investigated, the teenagers pleaded guilty that they were employed by someone with 50 baht in order to buy drugs. So, we learnt that the problem is not only from insurgency but also because of drugs along with low educated as well. Therefore, we need to resolve all problems together. 

All of these, the governor of Yala province enlarge about making justice that, in the past, there were Imams, Village headman and local administrators reported that the authorities accused and arrested them that they have involved in the unrest. It is an insulting behavior because when they were in jail, the people become disrespect them after released. Most of villagers believed that they are wrongdoer. The governor tries to straight the authorities to inform the district chief before surrounding or arresting people in the village in order to negotiate with people or Imam to allow authorities to perform their duty.

“We have to respect the community leader and religious leaders”. Mr. Krisada said and announced that “there was a complained that the army increase problems regarding sexual affairs and ambush in rubber farm to scare people for rubber plantation. Because of the unrest situation, the authorities must be in the area. If there is no unrest, the authorities won't be necessary to be in the area. Therefore, if the authorities will not be necessary to be in the area, all communities' leaders must have the rules or regulation of securities. For example:  protect or avoiding strangers to increase problems in the area, any argument, Imam is the one to compromise and make a conclusion who is right or wrong, give a training and religious course or any treatment for drug addicted including  set up the security in community. If all of these problems can be arranged by community, the authority will not be involved in the area. If any community is confident of secure, then inform to district chief, I will order the authorities to withdraw from the area. This regulation called "Hukum Pakat" is the creation of the rule and regulation for all to preserve in order to prevent and avoid from violence and drugs”.

The governor of Yala province insisted if the people request in rest, they should take care of each other. In case of unable to manage, for example: if found any movement of separatist in the village, should immediately inform district chief for intensive arrangement. If anyone claimed as separatist without evidence and believe is persecuted any of mistaken charged and migrate to Malaysia, all leaders of community should inform to district chief to report to governor. He will issue a certify document to approved of innocent, without intervene by authorities in order to welcome them home.

"The incident such as tree cut, strewed the nails, the village headman, leader of sub-district or any assistance regarding should take responsibility of removing those objects to avoid of traffic jam or any incident of bomb in the village, should not escape. Immediately go to help the injured persons if you are around that place in order to avoid the allegation that you are a separatist when the army gets to the incident place. Because there were some cases that someone was arrested at another province after the incident even if he was innocent person but was alleged as a separatist because of escaping." Mr. Krisada said.

Finally, the governor repeats again that the local administrators should not be contradictory to each other. Try to talk together and stop everything after election. Do everything follow the platform of campaigning for votes. Don't abandon the people because there were a lot of the conflicts in the area. There was killing and drag the case to the situation. We learnt after investigation that it is the local political conflict. It's quit big obstruction for development. Betong district can be more advance and Betong's people should be glad with it. The Prime Minister Aphisit Vejajiva undertakes to push and finish the project of building the bridge cross Banglang dam on the highway 410 soon. It can shorten the route more than 20 kilometers. Include to the project of building Betong's airport. The Minister has approved a budget to do it soon.

As for Mr.Donladet Phatthanarat, Betong's district chief. He said that there is only one highway to enter and exit Betong district. It's a highway 410. It's around 140 kilometers far. It can shorten the route more as well as it can be a good affect to Betong economy too.

The newsman reported that Betong district is in the southernmost of Thailand. Betong is mountainous. There are populations around 60,000 people and there are hided worker around 20,000 people. 51 percentages are Muslim, 47 percentages are Buddhist and the rest 2 percentages are Christian and Hindu.

There are 3 nationalities in Betong namely Melayu, Thai and Chinese mix together. Betong includes of many prominent ethnos. Most of populations are the rubber plantations, farmers and servants. Moreover, there is a border near "Kroh". The district of Perak in Malaysia which now postpone the entering and exit time from 06.00 pm to 10.00 pm. in order to stimulate the trading at the border to get more animatedly.