IO WAR: To snatch the Southern Border Provinces masses

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          It was an interesting article of net surfers. This article was online by a moderate popular website. It presented the article topic : IO “Cross the line” in Southern border provinces. This article was written by a senior author to publicize in the website on November 18, 2014

          I am the author strongly believed that not quite a bit of people doubted of  “IO” meaning and some of them has already known but raised a question why IO has been used in the area of Southern border provinces although this area is the area of conflict of people who have different opinions and ideologies from the state but never used of military forces against each other like the violent incidents occurred in some countries.

          The senior author told about the background of "IO" or Information Operations, it has been used to take the advantage of war and  the development of social media to use  as a channel for dissemination of information and the success of their own but it emphasized the bad or wrong actions of the opponent.         

          I personally  agreed with the used of IO in positive ways by presenting a good stories. There are a lot of good things in  the territory of the ax handle in order to communicate to the targets in other parts of the country and abroad to know that the Southern border provinces still have local cultural heritage, beautiful natural attractions, the way of life in multicultural society which has a unique unlike the others besides the conflict in the area.

          In the past, from the observations the mainstream and alternative media presented less of good matters like the saying “Bad news presents for free, good news must pay money.” In the case of condemnation and disclosure of malignance of the separatist movement.  Do not expect from the media.

          I was surprised by the attitude of the senior author who has already set a target in accusation to the authority but never accused people who have different opinions and ideologies from the state. They created the current of movement in social network      “ Southern Fatoni Bandit Page ” which can be found a lot in creating disharmony of the though, excite people to rise up against the state official by demonstration and put the pressure on the authority and intend to break the law.

          If the senior author has a neutral view as a media who does not take side he will see “Southern Fatoni Bandit Page” try very hard to create disharmony by using a barrier of religion to split people between Thai Buddhist and Thai Muslim.

          As we are local people who have to tolerate and pay no attention like a blind and deaf man pretend to know nothing about the acts of the movement’s alignments. Negligence to the media who concentrate on attacking to “Ghost Page” and guessed that the mastermind of the Ghost Page are state officials who works underground and in the past 2-3 years the used of IO began intensive and cross the line more and more.

          I am curious to know the phase  "Cross the line" of the senior author. What was a criterion to use in designated the boundary of  not to cross the line.? We have to accept the fact that this is an era of the though struggle. Many of them turn to use tools to create many forms of perception.  Having used a trick to snatch the masses to support and to be their alignments.

          The group of people who have different opinions and ideologies from the state in the Southern border provinces behaviors as same as the senior author especially they kicked off political games openly against the state by set a forum to excite people to call for right to self–determination.

          In terms of social networks which support political wings of the movement

have been moving parallel by setting up the seminar to excite the local people to blame the government policy in solving the problems in Southern border provinces by focusing on distortion the fact and put the blame on state officials as violent incident creators, wait for a chance to bring defective works of the state official publicize to their alignments. These social networks have been moving as an associate members of “Southern Fatoni Bandit Page”

          The senior author mentioned about “Ghost Pages” in face book which was not clearly indentified itself and publicized information to create the hate to the separatist movement but never mentioned about “Southern Fatoni Bandit Page” which publicized the excite information, created disharmony between Thai-Buddhist and Thai-Muslim and created suspicious to each other. This was a threat to state stability, on the contrary this author agreed with it. May all please consider information publicized to the public.

          What is “unintentional alignment”? The senior author of the media circles might misunderstand and as the media who have to publicize information and the fact but he has been written for himself, think about that the state never threat the media or violate to liberty of writing but some of media have no ethics and used pen as a weapon to attack the others.

          The word “unintentional alignment” is a popular and familiar word to speak. In order to warn everyone who does not want to see the separation must be careful in media publicize  or the words including any actions to support the opponent to gain the advantage. Those actions might be done unintentionally or intention but affected

to the perception of the targets so we have to accepted that some media have done as the unintentional alignment of the separatist movement both intentional or unintentional doing.

          Moreover the senior author mentioned that the violent incidents which innocent people became victims such this incident it was not necessary to have someone to guide. Those kind of incidents nobody agreed with it. On the contrary, the media have rarely showed up their standpoint to disagree with the acts of the movement. In general, everyone knew very well that was about the business and they did not want to be targets of the people who have different opinions from the state including NGOs which has a slogan “non-profit organization”. The question is who have got funding  support from abroad and all interests.

          The senior author had brought a minor thing to enlarge and accused the state officials. This actions definitely had something behind or it might be personal dislike or he might have a linkage with someone which nobody knew.

          At present is the era of information warfare everyone has to adjust himself to catch up with the change of technology which has a major role in our daily life. To close ears and eyes of the people in modern time is not possible due to in digital age you cannot block information any more.