IAF 2018 for Knowledge Exchange and Peace

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IAF 2018 for Knowledge Exchange and Peaceful

Songkhla, Southern Thailand,February 6 - 7, 2018


Reported by: Mr. Abdusuko Dina and Mr. Syafruddin


Songkhla-- Chariyathamsuksa Foundation School and Islamic School Network of Southern Thailand) held an International Academic Festival (IAF). This annual event was first held in 2016. In 2018 the IAF competition succeeded in making the competition bigger, with more than 200 participants from 32 Primary and Secondary schools 3 ASEAN Countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Southern Thailand. Although still it is new, the IAF became the most awaited event in southern Thailand that has been proven to assemble participants from 20 (National Schools of Southern Thailand) and 12 (International Schools).

The IAF 2018 features Better Skills for Better Future, where participants could show each individual's or group's ability in 3 categories, such as Al-Quran Tilawah, Story Telling (Malay, English, and Arabic) and Arabic Nasheed.

Held for 2 days (February 6 – 7, 2018) at Chariyathamsuksa Foundation School School, Sakom,Chana,Songkhla Province,Southern Thailand,IAF was a medium for ASEAN students to come together and develop the potential for a better future.

The Judges of English Story telling were lecturers from Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya, Indonesia (Mr. Pramudana Ihsan), Hatyai University, Thailand (Mr. Alejandro Benitez Martinez and Mr. Etinne Vorster) Didyasarin International College, Thailand (Miss Orathai Chanplong),

Then the Arabic Storytelling judges were lecturers from Insaniyah University of Kedah, Malaysia (Ustaz Azizul Rahman Bin Zabidin and Ustaz Muhammad Zaki Bin Mustafa Masoh ), Department of Religion Affairs Kedah, Malaysia (Ustaz Walid Bin Mustafa)

For the judges of Malay Storytelling category were the Dean and faculty of Education and Teacher Training UIN SUSKA RIAU, Indonesia (Dr. Mas'ud Zein, M.Pd and Prof. Dr. Khairunnas Rajab, M. Pd) and Dra. Maimunah SM, M. Ag. Others Judges of Tilawah Al-Qur'an and Nasheed came from Thailand.

Mrs.Siti Sarah Khoo Binti Abdullah, one of the companion teachers from the Malaysian Minden Height School, said, it was very grateful to the Leaders and Organizers for welcoming and hospitality of Chariyathamsuksa Foundation School. We highly appreciate and will re-join the next IAF, and could sustainably cooperate with and share to international events. She said with smile.

There was also a companion teacher who came from Smakkitam School School of Thailand, Hanna sueni said, this activity was very awesome. Thanks to the school leader and staff for their excellent service. She said explicitly.

There was also a teacher who came from Al-Ihsan Boarding School Riau, for the category of Naheed from Indonesia, Ari Saputra. This English student admitted this competition was the first experience in international level with preparation only for 2 weeks. The participants were very happy to be able to meet new friends from Thailand and Malaysia. Mr.Ari Saputra hoped for the future, fields and level of the Competitions could be multiplied and more participants from other ASEAN countries.

On behalf of this international competition, Manager of Chariyathamsuksa Foundation School and The president of IAF 2018 Committee, Mr. Aziz Samoh said, the objectives of the event are to exchange cultural practices for peace, improve Malay, Arabic and English Skills. We hope that participants could demonstrate the skills and inspire each other and indirectly improve the quality of the school, especially in mastering foreign language and see you on the 3rd IAF 2020.

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